Planning a 1950s Style Garden Party

3 Child-Friendly Venues To Organise Your Child’s 10th Birthday

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Having a child about to enter into double digits is overwhelming for any parent, but you obviously want to do everything in your power to make it absolutely unforgettable. Before choosing party hire, you need to establish what is important to your kids so you can plan a great event. This guide will help you consider different child-friendly venues for hosting your child’s 10th birthday. Create An Animal Theme At The Zoo If your kids are into wildlife and animals, then there’s no better venue to choose than a zoo. Many zoos in...

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I feel like having parties at night can be a bit dull. It seems like everyone has a party on a Friday or Saturday night, so this year I had a garden party with a 1950s theme. It was a blast and so nice to see everyone dressed up in their finery. We had a great time and served some fun cocktails in teapots and teacups. I'm going to use the same theme for my sister's engagement party. This site has tips on how to set up a fun and photogenic garden party, including invites, decorations and menus that will be sure to impress.